Oxymorrons Are Complex But Basic [Interview]

Via Popdust:

Rowdy players Oxymorrons have been through it all. Hustling and grabbing at every opportunity, the five-piece started from the bottom and, well, now they’re here. Here as in, their stormy debut project has finally hit shelves and digital retailers everywhere — Complex But Basic is an evocative and intense and propulsive and vulnerable nine-track bow and blurs the lines between urban foundations, hooky pop magnificence and a rich understanding of gritty, unfettered storytelling. “It touches on all the dualities of life, the good and bad. It’s also an oxymoron so it plays off of our band name,” they share exclusively with Popdust of the brand new record, anchored by the slink and booty-heavy “Asleep” single. “Each song pulls organically from what we were feeling at the time of creation.”

“‘Complex but Basic’ is taking something complex as music and life and delivering it in a very relatable way,” they add. The subdued, tribal chill of “Freak Parade” (featuring Smithsoneon) and “Awesome,” a high-stakes, hi-fi rocker, stand as the band’s two biggest moments; the latter entry is “literally” about being awesome — “It’s what happens when you mix the Oxymorrons, Captain Hitz and a bottle of moonshine,” they quip, adding, “Both of these are high energy songs with strong messages. They both are delivered in unique ways, so the listeners will get to know us on different levels.”

Cutting the project into three parts are two skits. First up is “Special Delivery,” a cheeky, 27-second spiel on late-night take-out, and the second is the four-second blip “Brownsville.” They explain the reasoning behind the inclusion of the two skits, “These to skits are very important to the EP because it highlights the goofy, fun-loving side of the band. We are jokesters and spend lots of time cracking jokes and making fun of each other.”

While the band basks in the release, they are thoughtfully plotting out a full-length record. “We have tracks made and lots of things in the works. Most of it is planned, but we will see what happens. Remember the humans plan and God laughs,” they tease. “[‘Complex But Basic’] is just a small taste of what we have in store. For those who have been following [us], they will see the growth. Those who are new to us, enjoy this appetizer and prepare yourself for the main course.”

“We are constantly pushing ourselves to be better people daily. Since music is a reflection of life and who you are, we feel that if you grow and push yourself to be a better person, your music will reflect that it. It’s all about love, light and growth,” they reflect, considering how exactly to push everything to that next level.

Despite their rising stardom, they remain grounded and true to their sensibilities. “We are all extremely humble people. Genuine, in every sense of word. We have high goals and have started learning to enjoy the stepping stone accomplishments along the way. Keeping centered and grounded isn’t hard for us; we are all naturally humble. We all are super caring and just feel blessed to be here.”

Throughout Complex But Basic, there is a swagger and a sense of raw energy you do not find often in mainstream music. There is a scruffy quake and organic explosion which glides effortlessly from the recordings into the listener’s brain. “Each band member bring something special and unique to the table when it come to creating music. We don’t have a set method of how we create, so every time we do, each member is represented in the way they want to in that moment.”

Oxymorrons’ Complex But Basic EP is out now on iTunes.

Take a listen to Complex But Basic below, via Spotify:


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