Entertainment reporting is much like a playlist: it comes from an unquenchable desire to be heard. When people ask me why I entered my line of work, I often point them in the direction of my current musical obsession. My life, at any given moment, is like a playlist on constant loop. I can go from the high-highs of a thumping pop track to the low-lows of a brooding country ballad. Somewhere in between each deliciously crafted composition, my true reality lies…fearlessness, vulnerability and strength.

The love of the job breeds confidence and satisfaction. For that, I’m forever grateful. And my story begins now:

I am music reporter/critic based in New York City. I have my ear buds plugged into pop, country and some alternative. I am currently a freelance contributor to One Country and PopCrush. I also founded B-Sides & Badlands, a place for newcomers to be seen and heard, in June 2017. Each role is a challenge, pushing me to become a chameleon at my craft. I slither from one writing style to the next without faltering; artist features, song/album premieres and the occasional live concert review swell and burst within my skin.

Previously, I’ve contributed to Billboard, Popdust, AXSNashvilleGab,, Celebuzz, Hollywood Life,, and

I come from rather humble beginnings. My father always worked two, three, four jobs to make sure my sister and I had the best we could possibly have. It was always out of love, the things he did or did not do. With his passing, the biggest thing I’ve learned is that every single moment is worth the risk—the risk of losing it all or achieving absolute greatness. Whatever life might throw my way, I always know there’s a more remarkable meaning behind it.

Somewhere in my mind, music was the only option: somehow I knew this is where I would end up. I just didn’t know how long it would take or how hard the journey would be. I graduated from high school in 2004, and then went on to study acting at West Virginia University, ultimately graduating at the top of my class in 2008. Ambitions took me all over the country; I’ve prided myself on being a bit of a gypsy in my travels. It was sometime later that I began to understand what the 20s were all about; after a period of homelessness and a myriad of other life-changing adventures, I found myself longing to put pen to paper. That’s when I studied Entertainment Business with Full Sail University and things slowly, but surely, began falling into place for my future. After graduating in 2011, I moved some more: first to Nashville, then to New York City, then to West Virginia, then back to New York City, then back (again) to West Virginia, then to Washington, DC, and then the whirlwind catapulted me back to the greatest city on earth.

I know things aren’t always as they seem…and that’s OK. We have to find the good out of all the bad.


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